No date on Valentine’s Day… So what?

With Valentine's Day approaching, you may find yourself dreading the day because you have no date. Here…
No date on Valentine’s Day… So what?
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With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may find yourself dreading the day because you have no date. Here are fun ways to celebrate the special day that do not require you to have a significant other at your side.

You certainly won’t be the only dateless woman on February 14th. Contact your single girlfriends and plan a fun activity for during the day or at nightime. Celebrate being single and be happy about it! Plan to meet for dinner, or if you want to avoid the busy restaurants, host a potluck event at home instead. Ask each woman to bring her own dish and you supply the beverages. A potluck dinner is affordable and fun. Show love to your girlfriends rather than to a significant other.

Another option for the day is to celebrate you and only you. Resist the urge to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own, and spend Valentine’s Day taking care of yourself. Take time to relax in a warm bubble bath with a book, or with mellow music playing softly in the background. Another idea is to book a cosmetic or hair makeover at a salon. You will leave the appointment full of confidence as you take on whatever the rest of the day holds for you. The day is in your own hands!

A fun way to celebrate the day, that requires no date, is to step outside of your comfort zone and try a new activity. If you have been eyeing that new gym by your house and have yet to walk in, you may just want to start on Valentine’s Day. Challenge yourself to do something new, and follow through with the task. As a result, you will be full of energy and proud of yourself for getting through it. As your reward, you can celebrate with a few chocolate truffles. Just because you are single does not mean you cannot have chocolate that day too!

You can have a great Valentine’s Day without needing a date, use the day to celebrate being single with your friends, or choose to pamper yourself all day and into the night too. If you want to prove yourself a confident woman, try a new activity that pulls you out of your comfort zone. You do not need a man to have a fun time!