Party Hair

In a perfect world, we would have plenty of time before going to a party to make our hair perfect. We…
Party Hair
Foto: SXC

In a perfect world, we would have plenty of time before going to a party to make our hair perfect. We would have hours to spare to experiment with complex, new styles, and maybe even be able to afford the professional help of a hair stylist who can fix our hair without any mishaps. But reality is a little different, and for most, party hair involves running a brush through your hair, after running in from work, and before running out for a party. If time is a constraint for you, know that there are some quick and easy styles that you can do that only take minutes, and don’t require professional training or practice.

A ponytail is no mess and no fuss. Just pull your hair back to form a mid-height ponytail and part your hair the way you think suits your face best. Be sure to comb through the hair so the tail is sleek and you’re done! If you have an extra minute or two, you can comb your hair back and set it with gel for a sleeker finish. Note: Gelling your hair back is great if you haven’t washed your hair—nobody will be able to tell where the oil ends and the gel starts.

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, and you find it to be a bit on the oily side, then add some dry shampoo (or cornstarch) to absorb the excess oil. Then pull your hair up in a messy bun and use a curler to form soft waves with bangs or side hairs to create a soft, romantic look.

There’s no better way to distract from not-so-perfect hair than to use a statement hair accessory. The hair accessory (whether it be a blinged out hair pin, or a bright floral one), will attract all the admiring looks, and take attention away from how you styled your hair. That said, you can’t get away with devastating hair and will still have to do something—you just don’t have to worry to make it perfect.

If you have straight hair, an easy cheat for a seemingly complicated party hair style is to use a braided head band. Purchase a pre-braided head band at your local beauty supply store or online that matches your hair color. This way, when you need to change things up really quickly, you can simply place the band on your head, and in seconds create a style that would otherwise take an hour.