The sexy style of Sofia Vergara

The vivacious and bubbly brunette known as Sofia Vergara has captured the hearts and minds of television…
The sexy style of Sofia Vergara
Foto: Photo by WEBN-TV via CCL

The vivacious and bubbly brunette known as Sofia Vergara has captured the hearts and minds of television audiences across the world with her portrayal of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the popular sitcom Modern Family. The Latina beauty with the mega-watt smile is currently the only Hispanic actress to start her career on an American Hispanic network and then successfully cross over to fame in the general market, and we all know why. Her over-the-top personality and style are constantly making headlines as the public’s fascination with her continues to grow. Recently, she’s started her own clothing line that is now available at Kmart where her most ardent fans can go to copy her style.

Surprisingly enough, Sofia Vergara is a natural blond. She admitted this recently on the talk show Ellen and in Self Magazine where she comes clean about her former body issues — if you can believe it — and the fact that when she got to Hollywood she began darkening her hair in order to fit the mold of the mental image most people liken to the stereotypical Latino/Latina actor or actress getting roles in television and film. With her success, she’s lightened her hair considerably over the years, but her long tresses still remain a warm, chocolate brown with blonder highlights today. Her layered hairstyle frames her face with these golden highlights and cascades down into soft, beautiful waves about her shoulders for a super sexy and carefree look.

Form fitting and sexy best describes the style of Sofia Vergara both on and off screen. She’s obviously come to terms with her voluptuous body and sexy image. Her clothing line offers a variety of comfortable and stylish clothing featuring lots of knit pants and skinny jeans along with off-the-shoulder sweaters, tops, and dresses for a sultry, seductive look, as well as tops and sweaters with a slightly more demure sweetheart neckline that almost anyone can wear. Women who are confident with their body image will definitely enjoy her clothes.

Her choices in footwear remain firmly planted in the recent trend of very high heel platform or wedge-style shoes that are actually a throwback to the 1940s. This style of shoe or boot is a great idea for women of shorter stature. Her latest choices for Sofia Vergara shoe designs from her own clothing line favors faux snake skin prints and closed toe fashions from pumps, to ankle boots, to knee high boots for the vamp in all of us.

Over-sized rings, dangle or drop earrings, and bangles and beads are seen everywhere on both the star’s Fashion and Fine Jewelry sections of Kmart’s official Sofia Vergara site touting her latest creations, and they’re all at an affordable price. Her accessories consist of beautiful scarves, as is the trend this season, and handbags with a designer look and feel to them that can easily go from day to night and still fit right in.