Tips to look like Shakira

Shakira is known for her unique and stylish look. The Colombian beauty has won numerous awards, including…

Tips to look like Shakira
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Shakira is known for her unique and stylish look. The Colombian beauty has won numerous awards, including the coveted Grammy for her work as a singer, songwriter, producer, and choreographer. The multi-talented star hit the American music scene in the early 1990’s and has been more than just a singer: she has become a style icon. Women and men are drawn to her mix of exotic and bohemian style. Use a few of these fashion tips to get the look that has made the star famous. Grab some gold, add a few bangles, and always wear your hair down and wild to get Shakira’s style.

Shakira has a stage presence unlike many other performers. Her belly dancing moves and toned physique allows her to wear midriff-bearing tops and short bottoms. This look may be too provocative for some. Yet there is still a way to capture the essence of her stage style while covering up. The key is to use a lot of gold pieces. From a gold lace skirt to a sequined top, mix textures and fabrics. Metallic fringe on a skirt and a fitted sequined shirt may seem over the top, but that is what this look calls for. Wear these pieces for a night out on the town dancing, and you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd.

Off the stage, Shakira still likes to look her best and get noticed. On the red carpet she’s often seen in very fitted strapless dresses with bold colors such as red and white. When opting for black, she always has plenty of embellishments. To get this look, find a dress that ends at least 2 inches above the knee and is fitted through the torso. Pair the dress with some high boots with a heel, and wear your hair down and a little messy. Grab a cute clutch purse, and you’ll be ready for your next party.

Shakira is never boring, not even when dressing for everyday events like shopping. Although she loves to wear tight jeans and t-shirts, she still adds her own flair. Use bandannas, fringe and bold belts around the waist of jeans. Shirts are always fitted with unique prints and graphic designs. Torn sleeves and shirts designed with holes and other distressing are perfect. When dressing down, add some accessories to make the outfit pop. Shakira is known for wearing mismatched bangle bracelets as well as statement earrings.