Wearing Pointed Pumps

In the world of high heels, wearing pointed pumps are a classic go-to option for shoes. Not only do…
Wearing Pointed Pumps
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In the world of high heels, wearing pointed pumps are a classic go-to option for shoes. Not only do they look right with professional attire, they can also be worn casually with denims. And, if that weren’t all, they manage to give a chic finish to even the most disheveled look.

For a professional, work setting, neutral and muted colors work best. Black, tan, taupe, maroon, navy and gray are all excellent choices that can be a workplace footwear staple Just make sure the heel isn’t too high and follows your workplace dress-code standards.

The same pair of shoes can be worn with your casual clothing, you can pair pumps with pants, a dress, cutoff shorts or even a skirt-blouse combination. What’s even better, is that you do not need to worry about heel length in a non-professional setting.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, then invest in pointed pumps with a dash of color since they can make any outfit more eye-catching; consider a gray outfit with a coral pump, or a white outfit with royal blue pumps. You can even spruce up a little black dress with hot pink pointed pumps, or keep it basic with black and gold pumps.

Currently, the trend is for a two-tone pointed pump, which is a pointed shoe with a different colored cap. That said, if you want to invest in some classic must-have pairs then make sure you have these three pairs: a black matte pump that will work for a work environment, a classic patent leather nude pump, and one pump with a pop of color

Wearing heels can be a painful endeavor ,so make sure you purchase the most comfortable fitting heels you can find. Make sure your toes are not too cramped in a size that is one size too small, or that there isn’t a gap near the heel, in a pair of pumps that are one size too big. Add silicone metatarsal pads to your heels to make the more comfortable, and also more wearable.

The best part about this style is that investing in a pair of pointed pumps is a safe move, since they always come back into style every other year. Rest assured that the pairs you purchase this year will be worn in the years to come, and that pointed pumps are not a fleeting trend that will become obsolete in a year.