What is the Fork Diet?

Le Forking was invented by a Frenchman, Ivan Gavriloff. The craze hit France in 2011, and began to spread…

What is the Fork Diet?
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Le Forking was invented by a Frenchman, Ivan Gavriloff. The craze hit France in 2011, and began to spread around the world as people heard that the diet really worked. It sounds crazy; you eat a big breakfast, medium size lunch, and then for dinner you eat nothing that won’t fit on a fork. No spoons, hands, or knives are allowed at the dinner table.

The fork diet sounds silly, but the premise behind it is solid. You don’t eat anything that can’t be speared with a fork. Fatty foods often will not stick (think puddings and custards) and neither will some sugar foods; again with pudding, pies, and things like ice cream. Though some people will get around this by cutting up their food into small bits, or freezing ice cream hard; in some versions of the diet a knife isn’t even allowed in preparation!

You are required to eat three meals a day, with the most calories being eaten in the morning. You are free to eat whatever you like during the first two meals of the day. This helps cut back on any diet “crashes” that you would have after stopping the diet. Animal protein is typically not allowed at dinner in some of the stricter versions of the diet.

The basic rules of the diet are this: three meals a day, but no over-eating during the first two in order to compensate for dinner’s lost calories. At dinner time you only eat with a fork. No helping from knives, fingers, or spoons. In the very strict version you cannot eat anything at dinner that has been prepared with a knife or a spoon. In the gentle version fork diet you still eat with a fork but can eat foods prepared with a knife.

During the strict version of the fork diet you are allowed to eat pasta, cereals, fish, and vegetables during dinner. Gentle version fork diet meals can be prepared with the addition of the following – salad, small cut white meats, seafood, and eggs.

Snacks of the following kinds are forbidden during both versions of the diet:

There are other forbidden foods which you can find in the Le Forking books or website. There have been other adjustments for different cultures. In America there has been the introduction of the diet fork which is meant to be used while on the fork diet. The fork is sold with shorter and duller prongs so that the amount eaten is even less than with the traditional fork diet.