When to upgrade appliances

There comes a time when all of us look at our kitchens and think, "It's time to upgrade appliances."…
When to upgrade appliances
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There comes a time when all of us look at our kitchens and think, “It’s time to upgrade appliances.” Perhaps you noticed that the almond colored fridge doesn’t quite match the green range. It could be that one or more of your older appliances are not working properly anymore, or they have begun to make funny noises, and could become a safety hazard. No matter what, sooner or later we all need to chuck out the old and bring in the new.

When you do decide to upgrade, you will find that today’s large appliances are more energy efficient than those from just a few years ago. Thanks to more stringent energy laws, almost all manufacturers are making their appliances Energy Star compliant or earning the Energy Star certification. Every appliance comes with a yellow tag that will tell you how it compares with the energy usage of other appliances in its price range.

Some people feel that they would rather save money by repairing their old fridge or stove instead of taking the extra money to upgrade appliances. While this may seem like a great way to save cash, in the long run you may find that you are spending more money if you don’t upgrade appliances. This is due to the increased energy use of older models over the new energy efficient type. Your old fridge may use more than double the amount of a new model. Older ranges typically use more gas, propane, or electricity than the new models. Upgrade appliances for the best in energy efficiency.

It isn’t always “green” to reuse, especially when you’re spending more money on your energy bills because of old appliances. If you see that your bills are getting higher, it is time to upgrade appliances in order to save money and reduce your energy footprint. There are more ways to save the planet than by reusing something that may have a bigger impact than the entire manufacturing process of a new product!

Take a moment to do an energy audit. If you are unable to do one yourself you can often have a contractor do one for you for free. They can tell you if you need to upgrade appliances, or if your current ones are fine to continue using without increasing your energy cost. Sometimes your power company or fuel company will perform the audit for free if there are no certified contractors are available.