Hair removal for women

There are a lot of Latinas out there who are obsessed with keeping their body hair at bay. There are…
Hair removal for women

There are a lot of Latinas out there who are obsessed with keeping their body hair at bay. There are many different options for Hispanic women, some are more effective than others, but usually almost all require repeated treatments to reach your goal of silky, soft skin.

The most well known hair removal method is shaving. Razors come in all shapes and with different numbers of blades. You can find disposable or reusable ones that come with up to five blades. Shaving requires a certain amount of dedication, as hair that is removed with a razor can grow back quickly. Some women report that the regrowth is thicker and darker.

Waxing is another option that some women prefer over shaving. Within the realm of wax removal you can choose hot wax, cold wax, sugar wax, roll on, or pre-waxed strips. Salons offer waxing services for legs, brows, lips, and even the bikini area. Using wax removes the hair from the root and regrowth takes long then with shaving. Hair grows back thinner than before. Repeated use can cause hair to grow back slower.

A relatively new treatment for removing body hair, laser removal is sometimes touted as a permanent solution. This treatment is sometimes painful and may require repeated use before the hair follicle is destroyed for good. The removal can be expensive.

Epilation is a hair removal technique that is similar to waxing. The body hair is ripped from the follicle by a device with rotating wheels or a spring. The metal remover grabs the hair, just like wax, and can be just as painful. Unlike waxing there is no mess.

Depilatories are creams or lotions that dissolve the hair with a strong chemical. They are smoothed over the skin and hair removal takes place within a few minutes. Some of the creams can be rolled on, while others are placed on by hand or even sprayed on. You wash the lotion off in the shower, but must be careful to not rub the cream into the skin. Leaving it on too long can result in chemical burns.

One other way to remove hair from the legs and body is to use a hand mitt or rotary tool that is similar to sanding the skin. The boards or discs have a surface that is exactly like an emery board. This method literally sands the hair from the body. Hair regrowth is similar to that of shaving as the hair is removed at skin level.