Nursery themes for boys

Creating nursery themes is a great way to make use of that "nesting" phase that all pregnant moms experience,…
Nursery themes for boys
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Creating nursery themes is a great way to make use of that “nesting” phase that all pregnant moms experience, the need to create a safe and loving space where to bring a new child into the world. This natural instinct will help a tired mom-to-be find the energy to plan for a babies arrival. Having a child might seem simple compared to designing a nursery, women have a tendency to get very overwhelmed and frustrated when having to choose colors, themes and furniture for a babies room, often thinking it will shape their child’s entire future! Luckily, a nursery is just that, a place where a baby should feel safe and comfortable. Not only are there a lot of fun themes to choose from, there are many creative ways to help you organize all the toys, games and stuffed animals that your baby will collect over the years!

This is a no-brainer when there is a sports enthusiast in the house. Soccer, hockey, and baseball or a mix of all of them can be used. Make this theme unique by adding touches such as a sports locker as a mini closet and diaper holder. Vintage sports items make great decorations, things such as a worn baseball glove, scuffed soccer ball, and used hockey stick can be displayed. Write out the lil’ sluggers name on a pendant and place over the crib. Use sports teams as an inspiration for colors.

Music lovers in the family? The rock star theme is fun and unique. Use plenty of stars and music notes in this design, including wall appliques and framed pictures. Make sure there is a radio in the room, and always have music playing to ensure your baby turns out to be a music lover!

Create a pirate island right in the nursery with a few tips and tricks. Use fish netting in corners to store sea themed stuffed animals. Paint the room blue and decorate the walls with hand painted trees and sand, or find appliques online. Find boat themed bedding and accessories to finish off the look.

Looking for a wild and crazy nursery themes for a child’s room? Jungle animals and trees are a great start! Paint the walls a nice yellow and stencil on tall tree trunks, for a more authentic look add tree tops on the ceiling. Hang real stuffed animals from the trees with pins. Keep the rest of the decor animal themed, using zebra and cougar prints offer a great contrast to each other.

For a simple and elegant boy’s nursery, this is the theme for you. Choose a nice solid wall color like baby blue and use complimentary bedding colors such as brown or navy. Dark wood always looks classic and masculine. Add a personal touch by purchasing wood letters and arranging them over the crib, spelling out the little boys name.