Three keys to better sex: communication, confidence, and craving

Though there is a multitude of ways for having better sex, the three C's of intimacy; communication,…

Three keys to better sex: communication, confidence, and craving
Foto: Flickr / NeoGaboX

Though there is a multitude of ways for having better sex, the three C’s of intimacy; communication, confidence, and craving, are key to making it even more thrilling. While it may seem obvious that communication and confidence are essential to having a healthy romantic relationship, these concepts often go unnoticed, or unused. As you juggle the various roles of wife, friend, mother, coworker, etc., lover often goes unrecognized, becoming more of a chore than an enthusiastic essential. Sometimes this kind of intimacy is lacking in traditional Hispanic households, and talking openly with your partner is frowned upon, but, don’t worry, the world is changing for Latinas, and it looks like the statistics will back you up! Realizing the necessity of communication, confidence, and craving in your sexual life will increase the sexual spark, as you and your partner learn to embrace sex from a verbal, emotional, and physical point of view.

Opening the lines of communication between yourself and your partner allows you to discover your own preferences, as well as your partner’s. This openness gives you a stronger emotional connection to your partner as you learn to explore your likes and dislikes. Once you are in tune with one another, let the fun begin! A good place to start is foreplay. Though you may feel the need for sex that is more passionate and fulfilling, your partner may not feel as strongly. Therefore, it is important to voice and emphasize your preferences, and talk about how often you like to do them, before thinking about sex; remember, intercourse takes two people, so be sure that you are listening to your partner as well.

Confidence is a key component in any romantic relationship, and it can be especially helpful as you brave the path towards better sex. Feeling comfortable with your body, and embracing your sexuality gives you a sense of security and empowerment, two qualities that will undoubtedly inspire sexual adventure with your partner. Confidence comes in many forms, and how you use your confidence is up to you. Whether it’s in the form of sexy lingerie and seduction, or in a more subtle way of initiating sexual contact, a confident woman is a sexy woman, and your partner is sure to take notice. Showing your partner that you are interested in intimacy, and are willing to take charge, can provoke strong passions, which usually leads to better sex. The cowgirl position, for instance, is a fun and assertive way to express your sexuality and show your partner your confident, powerful side. Not feeling great about your body’s appearance? You may be surprised to know that the parts of your body that you dislike the most may be your partner’s favorite features. Daily exercises can help you tone up and strengthen parts of your body that you’re not so happy to see in the mirror, while also preparing you for better sex.

Craving, or desiring, sex is the final step towards getting a better sex life. Because passions tend to fade with time, it is important to daily remind yourself of what it is that you enjoy about your own sexuality, the sexual qualities you enjoy about your partner, and what you enjoy most about intercourse. Make a list of sexy situations that you have enjoyed, it will help you see patterns in your sexuality. Finally, always remember to bring novelty into your relationship, keeping things new and fresh will give you and your partner an adventurous outlook on sex, that will increase desire, passion, and frequency.