Hopes for the New Year

mmigration reform is on the top of the list for 2013

It is hoped that 2013 will be a significant year for the nation’s immigrants and for residents of Los Angeles.

The outcome of the presidential election raised the political importance of Latinos and their agenda for both Democratic and Republican leaders. As such, the possibility of a comprehensive immigration reform finally appears to be within reach.

Many political priorities will compete for the attention of the legislature in the new Congress, as we see, for example, with gun control. It is imperative that immigration issues don’t get pushed aside. This means keeping the pressure on so this opportunity isn’t lost.

The outcome of the election also created a new political landscape in California. Governor Jerry Brown came out stronger as he won approval for tax increases and the Democrats now have a supermajority in the Capitol. This changes the dynamics in Sacramento putting virtually the entire responsibility of running the state on the shoulders of the Democrats. It remains to be seen how they will handle their newfound power.

Finally, Los Angelenos will the chance to choose a new mayor. The list of those interested in the position shows a range of options. Voters will have the responsibility to get informed about the candidates and their positions on the many municipal issues in dispute.

It appears that 2013 will be a decisive moment on many political fronts. We hope for immigration reform. We hope for a state government that is more efficient and a municipal election that openly discusses the many concerns of those who live in this city.