Feuer for City Attorney

He has the experience, skills and leadership for this position

One of the missions of the office of the L.A. city attorney is to be the municipal government’s legal adviser, representing the interests of voters. The person in this position needs to have credibility and the capacity to be both independent and cooperative, depending on the situation. In this case, that person is Mike Feuer.

In that regard, his rival, current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, has had a poor relationship with the City Council and the municipal agencies that he advises. His style has led him into more confrontations than solutions, being detrimental to the city in the long run.

Finally, Trutanich’s decision in the past to leave that post in the middle of his term to run for district attorney broke the promise he made to voters. It also showed that the L.A. city attorney position was mainly a stepping stone on the path to realizing another ambition.

With Feuer, there is no doubt that he wants this job; this is the second time in 12 years he runs for this position. The former council member and assemblyman brings to this election a wealth of skills needed to satisfactorily fulfill this position. He has the skills to work seamlessly with the various municipal agencies, for example to avoid trials and respond with reasonable speed when asked for legal opinions.

Feuer also has experience managing attorneys. In addition, he gained knowledge of sensitive issues by drafting bills in Sacramento that focused on consumer protection, environmental protection and public safety.

Regarding the other function of the city attorney, being in charge of prosecuting misdemeanors, Feuer’s focus is to use local prosecutors and community courts in order to punish offenders but also help them avoid recidivism, especially for the young ones.

The biggest challenge this office now faces is budget cuts. We think Feuer has the sense to redefine priorities and the relationships to advocate in front of the City Council on behalf of the City Attorney’s Office in a more efficient manner.

The City Attorney’s Office needs a change. It requires someone with a lot of experience in various legal areas, proven positive leadership skills and social sensitivity. Vote for Mike Feuer.