Galperin for Controller

He has the experience, knowledge and vision for the position

The position of Los Angeles controller requires someone who is very familiar with the universe of municipal finance, innovative in protecting the pockets of taxpayers and knowledgeable in working with local agencies to ensure they are more efficient in their spending and collections. Attorney Ron Galperin is just that person.

Galperin’s priorities are improving the utilization of municipal resources that can generate revenue, ensuring that the city’s contracts are suitable (and take into account local businesses), focusing on municipal collections and working with various municipal agencies.

For that, he has the experience of having chaired two municipal commissions; one worked to improve the city’s efficiency in revenue collection, while the other focused on quality and productivity.

His experience in the private sector and his work in the municipal commissions mentioned, as well as his work in neighborhood councils and social initiatives, give Galperin a unique profile for this position.

Council member Dennis Zine is Galperin’s main rival as far as campaign funds and name recognition. Of the two, Galperin is the one who has a clearer, more innovative vision of the function of controller.

Galperin has the experience, knowledge and energy to be the best candidate at this time for controller. Vote for Ron Galperin.