Szabo for District 13

He is a charismatic leader with a vision and experience
Szabo for District 13

With a long list of candidates of varying qualifications, experience and plans, District 13 in Los Angeles is one of the most competitive in the upcoming primary election. Among the candidates, Matt Szabo is the most suitable to continue moving the district forward.

Szabo has the most direct knowledge of the budget challenges the city is facing, since he was Deputy Mayor until last July. In that position, his responsibilities included the areas of budget and finance, labor relations, and neighborhood and community services, among others. He also used to work for former Councilmember Wendy Greuel.

In addition to this experience, Szabo has a progressive, modern vision for an area as rich in contrasts and diversity as this district.

Szabo’s plan focuses on expanding public transportation, protecting and developing affordable housing, and prioritizing public safety. Social justice issues, which are very relevant in a district with wide income gaps among its residents, also play an important role in his agenda.

Creating jobs is another one of Szabo’s priorities; to achieve this, he would use a combination of attracting investment and a public transportation project.

Matt Szabo is a charismatic leader with a vision for the district and a wealth of experience, and his goal is to advance the interests of the residents of District 13. Vote for Matt Szabo.