Anderson and Sanchez for LAUSD

Their election would solidify the reforms that favor parents

The upcoming election’s outcome will determine the path forward the Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Voting for Kate Anderson for District 4 and Antonio Sanchez District 6 of the LAUSD solidifies the progress made on school reforms.

Anderson is running against the current incumbent, Steve Zimmer, who was elected four years ago as part of a moderate platform. However, once in place, Zimmer changed his positions and now supports a moratorium on charter schools and rejects linking of teacher evaluations with student performance, both positions that have been promoted by the LA Teacher’s Union (UTLA).

The response to this switch is to vote for Anderson. She is a successful lawyer with political acumen, as well as a parent who is concerned about the education of her two children in LAUSD. She believes teachers have a responsibility for student achievement and she believes parents should have school choice for their children. At the same time she has a vigilant about the performance of charter schools.

In the case of Sanchez, he is the only candidate among three running for the position who supports without any hesitation the administration of School Superintendent John Deasy and the recent agreement reached between the LAUSD and UTLA about teacher evaluation. In addition, he supports proposed SB10, which would ease the removal of teachers suspected of illegal behavior with children in class.

Sanchez has the backing of the UTLA as well as the Coalition for School Reform, who are typically at odds in other LAUSD races. This indicates he would be in a good position to build coalitions, something that is desperately needed with a divided Board.

In summary, the election of Anderson and Sanchez for LAUSD assures that the positive changes that have been made thus are, which give parents more of a role in the education of their children, will not disappear.

Vote for Kate Anderson and Antonio Sanchez for LAUSD Districts 4 & 6, respectively.