Cubas for District 9

She has the knowledge of the city and the experience to move the district forward

District 9 faces major economic challenges, and its representative needs to have a long-term vision for development, as well as inside knowledge of the City Council to make progress on the most urgent issues. Ana Cubas is the candidate who combines these virtues.

Cubas has had a long career that has taken her to the Department of Education in D.C., to the Legislative Analyst’s Office in Sacramento, and to Los Angeles as legislative analyst.

In this city, she has served on Mayor Villaraigosa’s Information Technology Commission and on former Mayor Hahn’s Human Relations Commission. She has also worked for former City Council Chair Alex Padilla and for Council Member José Huizar.

At the same time, Cubas is a Salvadoran immigrant who excelled academically in her undergraduate work in sociology at University of California at Berkley and earned her master’s in Urban and Regional Planning at Princeton.

All of this background makes her vision of attracting the biomedical industry to the district credible. This is a long-term project that Cubas is capable of moving through the municipal labyrinth thanks to her long track record at that level of government and her knowledge of planning.

Cubas’s rivals have their own areas of expertise, including public safety, Sacramento, education and community activism. However, none of them meets all the conditions that she fulfills: a community activist on public safety issues, a visionary with inside knowledge of the city, who knows budgets and how to attract investment.

District 9 deserves the commitment, knowledge and values of Ana Cubas to move forward. Vote for Cubas in District 9!