Garcetti for Mayor

The Councilman has the experience and plans for an economic revival

The City of Los Angeles is experiencing a serious structural budget problem, which has led to service cuts and tax increases for Angelenos. The next Mayor will have the mission to implement needed changes in the municipal government—both to eliminate internal pressure on finances and to grow the economy. We are convinced that Councilmember Eric Garcetti is the candidate with the right skills to fulfill this mission.

Garcetti, a former City Council president, has a plan to create jobs throughout the economy. His plan will take advantage of the many developing industries in L.A., such as manufacturing, tourism, retail and entertainment. He also intends to focus on high-growth areas like green technology and health care. This policy combines well with Garcetti’s emphasis on job training, seeking to prepare workers for an evolving economy.

Our decision to support Garcetti was not a simple one. City Controller Wendy Greuel is a solid candidate with a long career in public service. She is highly regarded by residents of District 2, which she represented in the City Council. In addition, she has earned respect in general for her performance as controller, a position where she focused on achieving a more efficient government with fewer wasted resources.

However, we think Garcetti is better prepared at this time to steer the destiny of Los Angeles.

We have been favorably impressed by his leadership in the City Council, which made tough decisions like cutting budgets, increasing furloughs for public employees, decreasing staff and reforming public pensions. We are confident that Garcetti is capable of effectively dealing with these issues when they reappear in the municipal agenda.

Garcetti’s experience in municipal government and his plans to create jobs are a combination that has the full potential to produce an economic renaissance with solid foundations.

On the other hand, it is impossible to talk about Garcetti without mentioning his strong, extensive commitment to the causes of affordable housing and fighting homelessness. In the City Council, he has developed and supported concrete measures to put a roof over the heads of needy Angelenos.

Finally, Garcetti has represented District 13—one of the most demographically diverse districts in L.A.—for 12 years. In that job, he was able to connect, work and effectively balance the interests of the various communities, which in some way mirror our city’s cultural richness. It is worth pointing out that the use of technology in serving residents increased the quality of communications between the Councilmember and his constituents.

Eric Garcetti has all the qualifications to be a modern and efficient leader who knows how to seek consensus, but is firm when necessary. He has the experience, knowledge and strength of character to fix the city’s financial troubles and the vision to create jobs so that all Angelenos benefit from economic growth.

For all the above reasons, vote for Eric Garcetti for Mayor of Los Angeles.