The importance of voting

This election has a direct impact on the lives of Angelenos

Tomorrow’s local primaries will have low voter turnout if the history of similar elections repeats itself. If that happens, the candidates who get their supporters out to vote will be the winners.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for voters to go to the polls, since their vote will have more influence. Every vote will have more weight if the voter turnout is 25%—as has happened in other cases—instead of 40%, for example. It is natural for a voice to be heard better when there are fewer voices expressing an opinion.

This fact in itself should be an incentive to go out and vote, especially for minorities, since their political representation will be stronger.

Otherwise, the motivation must come from what is at stake here. What will be voted on: the most important municipal positions, like mayor, city attorney and controller; half of the City Council members; three positions in the Los Angeles Unified School District; and a new sales tax increase, among others.

All these choices have a direct impact on the lives of the residents of Los Angeles—from the decisions these officials will make to the taxes consumers will pay when buying something.

That is why all of us must vote. Not voting will mean staying silent and passive, letting other people make the decisions that will affect you.

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