Good idea at LAUSD

The proposal calls for professional investigators to conduct internal investigations
Good idea at LAUSD

Qualified people should be the ones investigating teachers who are allegedly involved in physical or sexual abuse cases. That is the least that both teachers and students deserve.

Therefore, we welcome the proposal of Los Angeles Unified School District Board Member Tamar Galatzan to have professional investigators do the work that is currently being carried out by school principals when there are allegations of impropriety. This proposal calls for the creation of a team of trained professionals to conduct delicate inquiries in school environments.

The proposal includes other aspects, but it basically provides for a faster system that is less expensive for the LAUSD, fair to employees and not detrimental to students. This will prevent teachers who are under suspicion from being “housed” in administrative positions for a long time during an investigation.

The unusual support this proposal has is proof of how balanced it is, since School Board President Monica Garcia and United Teachers Los Angeles are on the same side. Everyone benefits when good teachers are clearly separated from the bad ones.

We hope this proposal is approved on April 16 by the LAUSD Board. This is an important step that will give peace of mind to parents, provide a stable environment to students and offer respect to the great majority of teachers committed to teaching their students.