O’Farrell for District 13

He knows the district and has experience in the City Council

District 13 of Los Angeles is a richly diverse area that requires a representative who both knows the district well and has experience dealing with the City Council. Today that person is Mitch O’Farrell.

The long list of candidates to replace Councilman Eric Garcetti has boiled down to John Choi and O’Farrell. Of the two, O’Farrell is the one who has lived in the district for decades and maintains close communication with residents and business owners, thanks to his many years working in Garcetti’s office.

O’Farrell is also very familiar with the municipal budget and has clear ideas, both to reduce government spending as well as to promote reforms that facilitate the creation of businesses, therefore increasing tax collection.

It is also important for O’Farrell to include among his priorities the availability of accessible housing in a district with such changing demographics as the 13th.

The Council will soon have to make major decisions about pension funds and many other issues that involve a clash of interests. We are convinced that O’Farrell is the person who will best represent the interests of the taxpayers of Los Angeles and the residents of his district.

An example of the latter is the contrast between the endorsements received by O’Farrell and Choi. O’Farrell has broad support within the district, which propelled him to this second round. Meanwhile, Choi has the support of the partisan-labor union structure that helped him advance in an area that he recently moved to.

In District 13, vote for Mitch O’Farrell!