Information is needed

Latinos must know how to benefit from Obamacare

While Latinos are among those who will benefit the most from the health care reform—also known as Obamacare—they are also among the millions of people who even today do not understand how the new law will impact them.

An Impremedia/ Latino Decisions opinion poll revealed that 69% of participants said the law was confusing and 71% were unable to name any parts of the law. This outlook is very worrisome, since several parts of the law are already in effect, like for example, patient protections. Other sections at the state level are being implemented next.

Latinos are not the only ones who are confused about the health care reform. This is an issue that is impacting various population groups, and critics of the reform have taken advantage of the situation to discredit the overhaul.

Without a doubt, the law is necessary. But it is just as important to educate the public who will benefit from it.

The registration phase is estimated to begin in October 2013 and last until March 2014. By then, it will be essential to have developed a campaign targeting Latinos so that they understand how to make the most of the reform.

There are already many Latinos who won’t benefit from Obamacare because they are undocumented. We must dedicate the resources necessary to guarantee that those who can take advantage of the new law do so, following clear and precise instructions.