Ana Cubas for District 9

She has local experience, vision and the ability to build bridges in the community

During the primaries in March, we said that Ana Cubas was the best candidate to represent a district shared by Latinos and African-Americans. Today, we are convinced she will be a valuable leader, both because of her local experience and proposals, as well as her ability to work for everyone in an area like District 9.

Cubas has a long track record in municipal government, since for years, she worked in various areas for Mayors James Hahn and Antonio Villaraigosa, and Council Members Alex Padilla and José Huizar.

Her municipal experience, which her rival, state Senator Curren Price, lacks, will be very useful to implement her jobs and economic development agenda. Cubas also plans to change residents’ quality of life by improving municipal services like garbage pickup, which is not efficient in that district.

The same goes for Cubas’ ambitious proposal to attract the biomedical industry to the district. She is realistic about the challenges involved, but has a clear vision and the knowledge to move a project of this size through the municipal maze.

While it is true that this would be her first elected office, in contrast with Price’s long political career, particularly in Sacramento, that does not necessarily represent an advantage for the lawmaker in this race.

Price represents one-third of the poorest district in Los Angeles, but arguably, his priorities have not always focused on this area. As a lawmaker, he testified in favor of the recent redistricting that hurt District 9 by removing part of downtown L.A. from the district.

On the other hand, we are very concerned that after the primaries, Price—knowing that Cubas would be his opponent—mentioned her in front of an African-American audience, saying: “Even in this campaign, we have an opponent who is committed to dividing the 9th [District] along racial lines.” Later, faced with natural reaction to such a comment, Price said it was misinterpreted, and that what he meant was the opposite, that he would not accept racial hostility in the race. What a way to explain that!

We think this type of comment is inflammatory and irresponsible, especially in a district with a history of tension between the African-American and Latino communities. It also logically brings into question whether Price is the most suitable person to fairly and equitably represent all of the district’s residents.

Based on that, we believe that Ana Cubas should represent District 9. She has an exemplary story, overcoming the odds as an immigrant, which is not enough to join the City Council. However, her local experience, vision and ability to be a “bridge builder” in the community—as former Council Member Rita Walters, from the same district, described her—are clear reasons why Cubas should be elected. Vote for Ana Cubas in District 9!