Gil Cedillo for District 1

He has proven leadership that will improve the conditions in the district

District 1 of Los Angeles needs decisive leadership that has repeatedly been put to the test—someone like former Senator Gil Cedillo, who has had a long career as an advocate for the Latino community.

We are convinced that Cedillo would work for District 1 with the same dedication and conviction that he has shown in Sacramento.

However, this election is about more than experience. It is a matter of style, vision and the potential that each candidate has to improve the district.

José Gardea, the chief of staff to Councilman Ed Reyes, has a different style, more parochial than what currently exists under Reyes. While it is true that there have been improvements in specific areas of the district, years, unemployment is among the highest in the city.

Having the support of small businesses is important, but broader support is needed. For this, the key is Cedillo’s economic development vision, which is to attract big investments to the district to generate significant employment. This candidate has the contacts and relationships to make this possible.

At the same time, Cedillo has excelled as a coalition-builder, which is apparent based on the wide-ranging support he has earned from the Chamber of Commerce as well as labor unions.

The district now has an opportunity for growth. In addition to proving his leadership, Cedillo has demonstrated he has the tenacity to overcome obstacles and the relationships at the highest local level to improve the quality of life of the district’s residents.Vote for Gil Cedillo for District 1.