Hypocrisy on immigration

House Republicans are tearing their hair out because the White House does not want to negotiate with them regarding their demands to pass a budget. Ironically, today they are getting the same treatment they have given their Democrat colleagues on immigration reform. There is of course a difference between the two. In the budget negotiation, congresspeople want exceptional treatment, demanding to repeal a health care law that has nothing to do with the spending plan. On immigration reform, the House majority has refused any serious negotiation with the Democrats. The speaker of the House has said that only those immigration bills supported by the majority of Republicans will be put to a vote in the plenary. He was referring to specific measures developed in committees, which deliberately ignored the Democrats’ input. House Democrats are now supporting an immigration reform bill similar to the one the Senate approved. Although this bill deserves serious consideration, it is facing rejection and emphatic disapproval from Republican leaders.

In this case, the same people complaining about the White House’s attitude are getting a taste of the same medicine. The difference is that Congress actually is the place to negotiate laws, unlike the budget deal.

The level of hypocrisy of this Congress surpasses all previously known levels—and that is saying a lot. However, the contradiction in demanding on one side what they are refusing on the other is very clear. No wonder the House of Representatives has the worst popularity ratings among all its predecessors, and abysmal results as a legislative body.