Push for immigration

This time around is different from what we experienced in 2006, when millions marched to demonstrate against a law that automatically turned undocumented immigrants into criminals.

Back then, the goal was achieved. Now, the goal is for the House of Representatives to take action and pass a pending immigration reform.

The House is literally at a standstill, despite the fact that bills of every flavor have been submitted. The predominant strategy among Republican leaders when it comes to immigration is to keep the reform on ice.

This is an unsustainable position. Americans deserve a reform to update immigration laws. Opinion polls show that Americans back concrete proposals that are part of the immigration debate. This opportunity should not be missed, because 2014 is an election year and immigration reform would once again be relegated to second place.

We must make our voices heard. Marches are just one way to send a message.

Many people will put pressure today, peacefully walking the streets, while others will call their representatives, send letters or write e-mails. What matters is keeping up the pressure and expressing our position about the delay in voting.