Betting on confusion

Several websites have been shut down because they attempted to confuse, for profit, Californians looking to register for Obamacare. But watch out: There is also another site,, whose intent is to discourage participation in the health care program.

The site, whose Internet address is very similar to the official website to register,, was created several months ago by California State Assembly Republicans. It seems like an informative site for consumers to be able to enroll. However, the only thing it does is disseminate negative aspects of the health care reform, among which data manipulation and outright lies stand out.

But if there is any doubt about the truthfulness of the information provided, in fine print in a corner of the site, there is a disclaimer to deny responsibility for the “quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information.”

Criticism of this site led to the recent addition of a link to the real website for Covered California—but this does not fix a deliberate attempt to confuse those who could be interested in the program.

We believe that it would be more positive for California Republicans to help implement a law that is in effect, instead of sabotaging it like this. Undoubtedly, that would help them improve their poor image in our state.

But that is not how it is. Strong antagonism to this expansion of health care insurance is leading them to disregard important consumer/patient protections that are already in place. These existing benefits are enough reason to register and participate in the program.

Let’s not be fooled by those who for political reasons do not want Obamacare to be successful and are betting on its failure to avoid having more people who are insured.