A dreadful start

The most inefficient Congress in memory returns this week, apparently with the intention of continuing this disgraceful achievement by scheduling another vote on Obamacare at the House of Representatives.

Choosing this as a priority to start 2014 shows that the GOP leadership’s main interest is not improving the economy, creating jobs or helping the unemployed. What interests them is exploiting the difficulties that the new health care law has faced to earn brownie points for the November legislative election.

The disastrous rollout of Obamacare’s federal website gave enough ammunition to the legislative opposition last year. When these difficulties do not exist, issues are still debated as if they had happened, as they will in this case. It is all about taking advantage of opportunities, which have come up almost 50 times in this chamber, to attack the law with a pointless vote that the Democratic Senate will ignore.

The bill under consideration requires the federal government to report cases of security breaches at the website http://www.healthcare.gov that endanger the personal information of program participants.

The federal website has not had these problems. Moreover, Congress was informed in December about these types of issues. But all it took was a security breach at a business like Target in order for people to take advantage of the news to bring up more doubts about the program. This has the additional implication that registering on the website could endanger the confidentiality of the information being provided.

The House of Representatives is not interested in protecting the website’s security, because that gets done with technical recommendations and not legislation as is being proposed. The goal is fomenting disagreement with a law that is already benefiting millions of Americans, with the ultimate purpose of repealing it.

This is an awful start for a House of Representatives that already has scheduled for this year the shortest work agenda in record, even shorter than in 2013.