5 long hairstyles for date night

Sometimes the simplest way to give long hairstyles an overhaul is by changing your hair's texture

Whether you’re looking forward to some alone time with the hubby, or headed out on a first date, wearing a new hairstyle can boost your confidence. Break away from the everyday ponytail to try one of these long hairstyles.

1. Do the twist

One of the easiest hairstyles to create with long locks is a twist. Start by grasping your hair at the base of your neck. Keep the hair low. Now, twist the length of hair into a rope. Finally, wind the rope onto itself to make a fashionable bun. Or, pull the twisted rope of hair vertical against the back of your head and secure it with a claw clip. Finish the updo with rhinestone-tipped hair pins and nobody will know your style only took a few minutes to create.

2. Try a braid

If you’re immediately turned off by the typical three-strand braids worn by schoolgirls, you haven’t seen the newest styles of braids. Head to the salon and ask for a fishtail braid. This multiple-strand braid is elegant, delicate, and not what any schoolgirl is wearing this season. Get creative and just add a braid to the crown of your head, like a faux headband. Or, use a braid as a natural wrap around a loose hair bun.

3. Sweep to the side

Do you prefer to let your hair hang long? Add a romantic touch by sweeping your hair to the side, so it flows over one shoulder. Then, secure the hair with a great hair accessory such as an oversize floral clip or a sparkly hair barrette. This look is great for women with long bangs that can also sweep to the side creating a seductive look.

4. Experiment with texture

Sometimes the simplest way to give long hairstyles an overhaul is by changing your hair’s texture. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, heat up the flat iron and go for a sleek, straight-hair look for the evening. Or, opt for a head full of beachy waves or ringlets. Use a curling iron to create the extra body.

5. Half up, half down

Do you love the Snooki look? Create a fabulous hair bump and wear your hair half up and half down for the night. After combing your hair, pull a section of hair forward from the crown of your hair and tease the underside. This adds height to your long hairstyles. Then, pull the hair back over the crown and push it forward before securing with a few bobby pins. Give the look extra hold by using a spritz of hairspray.