5 tips to the coolest dorm room

Your college student will be spending a lot of time in the dorm room, so make it a comfortable place to hang out, study, and, of course, sleep.
5 tips to the coolest dorm room
Turn basic into the coolest dorm room with a few creative ideas.

Do you have a child entering college this season? Why not help your son or daughter have the coolest dorm room with a few of these tips? You, as the parent, can provide the necessity list and money, while your teen can jazz up their space with some of today’s colors and trends. So, let’s get started!

Get cozy with bedding

Your college student will be spending a lot of time in the dorm room, so make it a comfortable place to hang out, study, and, of course, sleep. The largest focal point is the bed. If your student is able to contact her roommate, this is the time to discuss colors, style, and what each will contribute to the room.

You don’t want to pack up the car or ship expensive items that will only become duplicated if both teens show up with the same items. Most schools provide a twin bed for each student, but find out whether it is the extra-long size so you purchase the correct size sheets and comforters. Look for the “bed-in-a-bag” ensemble where all the linens are included.

You may even want to get a mattress topper to get rid of all the lumps and bumps of a conventional mattress. Let the roommates decide on how trendy their bedding will be — it may not be your taste in decor , but this time your kid is the decorator.

Clear clutter with ample storage

Dorms are small spaces, so getting creative with storage is a must. Plastic bins that slide under the bed are lifesavers for extra clothing or supplies. Over-the-door racks can house anything: shoes, hats, clothing, and even the laundry bag. There are also steel racks that add additional shelving at the head of the bed. If you have room for an ottoman, you are in luck as many offer storage space inside. Living in an area with multiple seasons can add up to extra clothing bulk; check out those space saving bags that you fill to the brim and vacuum the air out to make a tiny footprint.

Instant kitchenette

Let’s face it, college kids love to eat! Think of small appliances that will make the dorm like home, but stay within the school’s safety codes. Those K-cup-type coffee makers are so handy; not only do they make that morning cup of java, but you can make tea or cocoa, and even brew hot water for instant soup or oatmeal. The electric grill or panini maker is so versatile for sandwiches, an egg, or a grilled burger. How about some popcorn as a snack with an air-popper? A small refrigerator and microwave are necessities.

The study zone

Most dorms come complete with a desk — much better than trying to do computer tasks in bed. Light up your space in style with a variety of desk lamps and bendable floor lamps on the market. A comfortable desk chair may be on your student’s wish list along with cool-looking desk accessories. And don’t forget about surge protectors and power strips for all the electronics.

The little things

These may not be of utmost importance when earning a college degree, but they do make for the coolest dorm space. Bring in nature with a few green plants. Easy plants for the dorm are lucky bamboo that grows in water and cacti that can even withstand school vacations. A little ambiance is nice and safe with flameless battery-operated candles, and you can keep the dorm room inviting with a pleasant scent from organic air fresheners that use pure essential oils.