7 ways to relieve stress

Here are seven ways to relieve the stress of daily living, including changing your self-talk and learning to say "no."

7 ways to relieve stress
You can take effective steps to relieve your stress.
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Stressors are external events or conditions that affect your equilibrium. You could face stress in your job, family, or other areas of your life. If you are experiencing stress, you will need to adjust to your situation and learn healthy, coping strategies to relieve stress. Here are seven ways to relieve the stress of daily living, including changing your self-talk and learning to say “no.”

Identify the stressors in your life

Start by trying to find the source of your stress, as this could help you to effectively manage stressful situations. Make a list of the things that cause stress in your life . When you know your stressors, you are better able to determine where you can find solutions, adapt, or avoid stressful people and situations.

Change your self-talk

Another important step to coping with stress is to become aware of your self-talk. These are distorted negative messages that you might be telling yourself about your situation. Instead of self-defeating thinking, develop more realistic and healthy cognitive messages. This could help you to accept things that you cannot change, and even see opportunities for personal growth in challenging situations.

Learn to say ‘no’

You could find that much of the stress you experience comes from overextending yourself. Determine your limit, and don’t take on more than you can handle. You might be tempted to accept added responsibilities. But before you do, assess the situation and determine the likely effects on your life . Then be assertive, communicate your needs and feelings, and refuse when necessary.

Develop time management skills

Managing your time well is an important coping strategy to relieve stress . Be sure to set your priorities and goals, and then organize yourself to achieve them. Guard against procrastination as this steals your time, and your life becomes more stressful as you try to get back on track. Decide what is important to you, and take the necessary steps to complete tasks in good time.

Promote a support system

A good support system is beneficial for all seasons of your life. But it is especially helpful when you experience stressful situations to talk to supportive friends and relatives. You will find that nurturing relationships serve as a source of encouragement, and they could give you fresh insights on problems that are causing stress, helping you to cope with change in your life.

Practice to relax

Breathing exercises could help relieve stress and restore your breathing to normal in stressful situations . Practice breathing in and out slowly and deeply, and you will find that this relieves your tension. Also, take time to exercise and listen to calm music, as these activities could have a soothing and positive effect on you.

Enjoy a balanced life

You could be experiencing stress because your life is out of balance. For example, you might need to balance work and family, and build healthy relationships. Take time to enjoy hobbies and creative activities that could relieve your stress. These activities take your attention off your stressful situation and also stimulate your creative energies. Be sure to eat well-balanced meals to obtain the nourishment you need, and get adequate sleep to improve your concentration.