Alluring hairstyles for long faces

The right hairstyle can really accentuate the beauty of any face shape. These hairstyles for long faces add fullness to an oblong shape, balancing and softening a straighter frame. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to have fun with your look, any style that adds width will flatter. Just be sure to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove any build-up from styling products, and keep your hair healthy with a weekly restorative mask.

The wavy bob

You can look stunning with a short cut if you have an oblong face shape, just stay away from the ultra-short pixie cuts. They are too severe and too flat. You need some length to work with to add texture and shape. The wavy bob is a perfect match for a longer face. Start by applying a little volumizing mousse to wet hair. Blow-dry and then curl the ends of hair using a low heat setting. Only curl for a few seconds to create a more natural look. Loosen the curls with your fingers and then finish with a mist of hairspray. The textured shape of this hairstyle will add depth to a thinner frame.

Beautiful bangs

It is not easy to pull off bangs, unless you have an oblong or oval shape. Think of Liv Tyler and her sexy fringe. Bangs shorten the length of your face and they are great for covering a large forehead. To add more of a curved shape to your look, angle your fringe to one side. Use a softer cut for an effortless look. Keep them long, about the length of your lashes, to highlight gorgeous eyes. If you have naturally curly hair, use a hair serum for a smooth fringe. You may have to trim your bangs regularly to maintain the right length, but they are worth it for a youthful, captivating look!

Long, full layers

With a thin frame, long, straight hair can actually make your face look longer. If you love length, then simply add shape. Big waves and loose, layered curls can bring roundness and warmth to a straight shape. Jennifer Aniston has gorgeously layered hair. Talk to your stylist about layering your hair the next time that you go to have it cut. Blow-dry with a round brush and then lightly curl random sections of hair with a wide-barrel curling iron. Finish with a serum for a glossy look or a beach spray to get a rough texture.

The most flattering hairstyles for long faces are full of texture and shape. They round out a longer shape and frame the lovely features of your face with softness and warmth. Whether you have a chin-length bob or long, flowing locks, have fun creating hairstyles that make you look unforgettable.