Appetizer ideas for your next event

Appetizers are the perfect way to keep guests entertained for any type of get-together.

Social gatherings need one thing to make them a hit. Food is everyone’s favorite reason to get together! Don’t worry about preparing an involved dinner–tapas create a fun atmosphere and can still be filling. Here are a few appetizer ideas that will work for any party or get-together.

Empanadas are a Latin American favorite. These filled pastries are satisfying and delicious. Traditionally, meat and a variety of seasonings are stuffed into a yucca-based dough and the pastry is then fried until crispy. What is great about this appetizer is that you can change it up depending on your food theme. Use chicken, beef, or even a sweeter filling such as apricots. The Argentinian empanada uses a pork filling.

Honduran-inspired corn tortilla chips are a great twist on the typical chips and salsa. This appetizer is relatively simple, so it is important to use quality ingredients, since guests will be able to taste each component. Start with high-quality thick corn tortilla chips–or, better yet, make your own chips ! Cover them with a light tomato and chile sauce. Finish the appetizer by sprinkling a good cotija cheese over the chips and sauce. Simple and delicious!

Latin-themed meat and cheese platters will provide guests with plenty of filling options. There are many varieties of meat that can be used for the platter, with chorizo being a popular choice. Pair the meat with a quality hard cheese such a panela or cubes of monterey jack. For a more complete appetizer tray, add bite-size pieces of toasted bread.

Appetizers are the perfect way to keep guests entertained for any type of get-together. All the above mentioned appetizer ideas can be changed to suit your party and would be great served together! Just add a few friends and some yummy drinks and you have the makings of a perfect gathering.