Apple cider vinegar for your overall health and wellbeing

You might be surprised to find out how much you can save on your hygiene and beauty routine by using apple cider vinegar.

No doubt you’ve heard all the hype about using white vinegar to clean your home, maintain your yard, and so much more. If you’re wondering what you can do with apple cider vinegar, the options are just as many, but for different purposes. This type of vinegar is brown-red in color and has a much different odor than white vinegar.

It’s readily available at most grocery stores and doesn’t cost a lot. Putting a bottle of cider vinegar in your bathroom cabinet means it’s on hand for many common ailments and beauty concerns. You might be surprised to find out how much you can save on your hygiene and beauty routine by using apple cider vinegar.

For your hair

Vinegar does a great job of removing debris and grease, so it goes to follow that applying it to your hair is an easy way to do a deep clean once in a while. Apple cider vinegar can help remove product buildup and grease in your hair and on your scalp. For some people, it’s an effective way to treat and alleviate dandruff, itching and irritation. At the same time, the vinegar helps smooth your hair and adds shine. Mix one part vinegar to five parts water, and rinse your hair with it at the end of your shower or bath. Let it sit and soak in for a minute or two, then rinse well to prevent your hair from feeling rough. The smell of the vinegar will go away once your hair is dry.

For your skin

Apple cider vinegar can be used as an astringent, which makes it a great way to help clean your skin and keep it clear of blemishes. Make a mixture of vinegar and warm water, then soak a washcloth or cosmetics pad in it. Gently apply it to your face for several minutes. You’ll notice tighter and cleaner skin and you might even notice a reduction in fine lines. A soaked cloth also provides soothing relief for a sunburn.

For your digestion

The next time you have an upset stomach, indigestion, or diarrhea, look no further than a bottle of apple cider vinegar for relief. It contains antibiotic properties, which means it can help combat an intestinal infection . If you’re prone to indigestion after eating certain foods, sip the vinegar mixed with water beforehand to help curb it. The same mixture can help provide relief from diarrhea-causing bugs and can even soothe a sore throat.


It’s important to speak with your doctor before using apple cider vinegar, particularly if you have any current health problems. It might not be recommended for use with certain medications and conditions. Once your doctor approves its use, be sure to follow dosing directions for the most benefit.