Budget-friendly Christmas gifts for the man in your life

Here are some gift ideas for your special man, each costing under $100.

Budget-friendly Christmas gifts for the man in your life
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Christmas can be a time full of happiness and good cheer, but it can also be a time when stress is in full gear. Picking out the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life can be a challenge. Here are some gift ideas, each costing under $100 . Be budget-savvy and always check for online coupons before making your final in-store purchase. Online shopping can also save money and time.

Christmas gifts are all about the thought, so put careful consideration into a gift you know your special man will appreciate . The best part of the gift is not the price tag: it is the sentiment. Think of your husband or boyfriend’s favorite pastime and figure out what he might need for it. If the man you are shopping for is an avid golfer and you go out of your way to purchase his favorite brand of golf balls and a personalized golf towel, he will definitely recognize the thoughtfulness of your Christmas gifts.

Happy Christmas!

Men that enjoy sports will always appreciate tickets for their favorite event. The bonus of this Christmas gift is that hopefully you’ll get to attend with him, making it a gift and a date. Memorabilia also makes great gifts . A rare trading card, classic t-shirt or championship DVD would please most sports enthusiasts. Hard-to-find items can be found on sites such as Etsy and eBay.

Not shopping for a sports nut? Maybe fashion is his thing . Men are in constant need of clothes, since many rarely shop for themselves. Buy the man in your life a complete outfit for under $100. This can easily be done by shopping sale items. Not up for a full outfit? A leather belt and a wallet make great Christmas gifts .

If the man in your life seems impossible to please, try Christmas gifts a little outside the box. Imported beer is both thoughtful and tasty. Your man will appreciate enjoying a sampling of different beers . Pair this gift with quality pilsner glasses and coasters. The addition will bring a touch of functionality to a seemingly frivolous gift.

Lastly, impress the techie in your life with an affordable electronics gift . Video games, smart phones and iPods are all quality items that can be found for under $100. Make rigid tech Christmas gifts more thoughtful by adding special touches: pre-download his favorite music onto an MP3 player, or update the contacts on his new phone. With Christmas gifts, it’s the little things that count most.