Cooking games to play this summer

Enjoy playing cooking games with your child and you can both share a love of creating in the kitchen.

Interest your little ones in cooking and keep them occupied during the summer holidays by playing some games and making some tasty snacks too. Here are a few ideas to get you started having fun in the kitchen.

Sailing boats

Sailing boats cooking games are easy and fun to do. Start by filling up a large bowl with fresh water. Use pineapple tops for the islands and create boats using celery and cream cheese . Cut lengths of celery for your child to smear cream cheese into. You can use different flavors–garlic and herb, ham and cheese , even chocolate cheese–whatever your little one likes! Make sails by using a cocktail stick and strips of flat cheese slices. Add in a sailor for your boat: a cherry tomato, a radish, or pickle. Then race them round the islands, and the winner gets to eat the snack!

Make faces

Another summer fun cooking game to play is “animal crackers.” Get your little one to butter plain crackers while you cut shapes from slices of thin cheese or ham. Cut out a variety of ears, noses, and face templates.

Chop up some cherry tomatoes for eyes, cucumber or pickle slices cut in half for smiles, and use fresh herbs for hair or whiskers. You can use peanut butter, tomato purée, or paté to help stick all the elements together to make some really cool animal faces. If your child would prefer a sweeter alternative , you can use cookies instead of crackers, and jam or chocolate spread for the base. Make your animal faces using fruit slices, jellies, and sprinkles. Play a guessing game by having a friend or family member decide which animal your child has made.

Spelling games

You can play spelling cooking games by making cookies decorated with letters of the alphabet. If you enjoy baking you can make your own or you can buy a packet of smooth cookies from the supermarket. Get your child to spread jam or chocolate over the tops while you cut out marzipan letters for them to place on the cookies. You can also use colored icing that comes in tubes to write the letters on each cookie. Test your children’s spelling skills by giving them words to spell out with their cookies. You can also give these home-decorated cookies as gifts for a special occasion like Father’s day.

Enjoy playing cooking games with your child and you can both share a love of creating in the kitchen. Invite family and friends to try out your snacks and join in the fun .

Source: Flickr – Jim Champion