Dating a younger man, the perks and drawbacks

Younger men are pursuing women outside of their age group with greater doggedness than ever before. Dating a younger man can bring with it quite a few perks and drawbacks. We’ve put together a few things for you to think about if you’re currently seeing a younger man, or entertaining the thought of it and debating the wisdom of it as well. There’s actually a bit more to consider beyond whether or not you’re each attracted to one another. So, hang on and enjoy the ride while we shuffle through some of the factors you’re likely to encounter on your odyssey into the unknown.


The list of perks for dating a younger man is pretty varied. For starters, there are no bad habits to break, and they’re not completely set in their ways. In other words, they’re basically a blank slate, or canvas, which can be great to work with. Additionally, when it comes to intimacy younger men are more eager to learn and quicker to want to please. You don’t have the “old-dog-new-trick” syndrome to deal with, and they find it a challenge and a turn on to satisfy you, allowing for a lot of foreplay. Another plus with a younger man is the amount of strength and staying power they possess. Think of it as an attentive student with a lot of stamina.


The flip side for dating a younger man could also be inexperience and stage fright. Your role as tireless tutor may soon wear thin if patience is not your strong suit, or he’s extremely inexperienced in matters of physical intimacy. Also, unless your libido is high, and depending on the young man’s enthusiasm level, he could end up wearing you out, and it could end up seeming more like a chore than an act of emotional bonding and pleasure.

More perks

The other perks to dating a younger man might include more availability of single men and a lack of baggage, as in no ex-wife and kids or child support, plus they haven’t been hurt or burned a dozen times or so, so there’s more trust and less scarring with them. If you were to decide to have children with a man who is a bit younger, you’re also likely to have more freedom and options open to you as a result of this lack of baggage. They might also be more open to marriage than a man on his first, second, or third divorce, who would tend to be more of a commitment-phobe.

More Drawbacks

At the same token, one of the biggest drawbacks you might encounter while dating a younger man is his disinterest in forming a permanent, long-term union with you due to the difference in your ages. You may just be a learning curve for him, no matter how much he cares for you, or professes to. One of the attractions for younger men drawn to older women is their experience, a lack of games, and knowing that older women know what they want. The flip side to this could be he’s ultimately looking for a mommy to take care of him, and only you know if that’s the role you want to play.