First Christmas

The first Christmas with baby is one that will always be remembered. Here’s how two Latina moms plan to celebrate the season.

First Christmas
If this is your first Christmas with your baby, don''t forget to take the time to establish traditions.
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It’s nice to remember that first Christmas my husband and I celebrated as a couple, our first as spouses, and then our first spent with both of our families. But of all the Christmas firsts , one of the most special is the one we celebrated with our first baby. Everything seemed more special, and, oh, how many plans we made to celebrate not only the season, but time spent together as our own little family.

Yesterday I was recounting my first Christmas with my first child to my friend Vanessa. My baby was six weeks old and my husband and I were filled with happiness . That year, everything was planned around our first born, from the clothes we got for the family photo to the Christmas tree to the presents from Santa Claus – even which Mass we attended. It was a very special holiday. We were lucky to repeat that experience when our next child was born!

Vanessa, who has a 4-year-old and a newborn, says she is planning her first Christmas as a mother of two little ones. “In my family, we have the tradition of going to choose our Christmas tree together,” he said. “Once home, each of us chooses an ornament and decides where we hang it on the tree. But before we do, we say a prayer of thanks .”

Vanessa says that she and her husband want to teach their children to appreciate their true meaning of Christmas. ” The gifts and the parties are second . The important thing is to share the meaning of Christmas. Perhaps unlike other families, in our home the gifts come from baby Jesus and not from Santa.”

For Alma and her husband Toño, this season marks the first Christmas with their first baby, and she’s already made their holiday plans.

“In addition to buying his clothes and his first Christmas ornament for the tree, we will take him to his first posada,” said Alma. “Family tradition also calls for us to buy a star-shaped piñata for the baby and his cousins to have fun with it.”

When asked how she thinks she’ll split the holidays between her family and her husband’s family , Alma replied: “On Christmas Eve, Toño, the baby and I are going to enjoy dinner alone in our house. Later, around midnight, we’ll meet with my dad’s family, attend Mass and open presents.”

Eating tamales, with her grandmother’s recipe, after Mass is another family tradition. “And since my husband’s family is in Mexico and they also meet on Christmas Eve , this year we will use Skype to share our first Christmas with our baby all together.” On Christmas Day, Alma plans on being with her mother’s family to share in the celebration together.

“To us, family is most important , and we want to teach our baby to love his family, especially at Christmas.”

If this is your first Christmas with your baby or your first with your entire family, don’t forget to take the time to establish traditions and create customs that give special significance to your celebration . After all, it’s these special moments that your children will remember and they will look forward to when they are older.