Grilled pizza: 5 tips for making grilled pizza at home

Whatever the reason may be, cooking a pizza at home is a great healthy and economical alternative to ordering pizza.

There are many reasons to make pizza at home but the one resounding reason is the taste. There’s just something different about homemade pizza . Perhaps it’s the quality of ingredients or perhaps it’s the fact that you can customize it to your taste.

Whatever the reason may be, cooking a pizza at home is a great healthy and economical alternative to ordering pizza from a franchise chain or baking a frozen-aisle pizza.

In the spring and summer months, grilled pizza is a great way to switch things up. It requires, as the name suggests, a grill for you to prepare the pizza . Simply stretch out your dough and let it cook on a grill, and flip it over after two minutes (or when the dough starts to form bubbles). Add the toppings immediately and within a minute or two, your pizza will be ready.

The process of making grilled pizza is pretty simple, but there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process even simpler. Here are five tips for making grilled pizza at home:

  • 1. Make sure you have a clean grate : It’s imperative to keep your grill grate impeccably clean prior to baking your pizza . Dough is sticky and a dirty grate simple means the dough will grab all the dirt and residue, and you’ll be consuming it.
  • 2. Oil your pizza, but not too much : When you first place pizza dough on the grill, you have to oil the side not exposed to the heat before flipping it over. Be sure not to add too much oil or it will cause the flame to flare up.
  • 3. Careful using olive oil : Olive oil has a low smoke point (between 365° and 420°F) and grills reach high temperatures, which make the compounds of the oil degrade. If you want to use olive oil, then save it for the end.
  • 4. Keep your toppings at your side : Immediately after flipping, you will need to add your sauce and toppings to the pizza base, so be sure to keep the toppings prepared in advance and handy. You should precook any vegetables and meats, keep sauce cans opened, and make sure your cheese is easily accessible.
  • 5. Don’t go crazy with toppings : The simple fact is, you’re getting heat from one side in a grill : the bottom. Knowing that, it doesn’t make sense to pile on too many layers since cooking your toppings and melting your cheese would take too long. This would, in turn, either make your toppings unheated or burn your crust. Keep your toppings thin and simple so that the pizza cooks quickly.

If you do feel compelled to pile on more toppings , then be sure to first focus on adding cheese toppings when grilling so that they melt evenly. Then add on warmed vegetables and meats on top of your pizza after you remove it from the grill.