Grooming your eyebrows: Pros and cons of waxing, threading and tweezing

Here's everything you need to know about the three eyebrow hair-removal methods.

A perfectly shaped pair of eyebrows can frame your face and make all the difference in your appearance. But as with any beauty regimen, there are several ways to handle grooming. The three most popular methods are waxing, tweezing and threading. Here’s everything you need to know about the three eyebrow hair-removal methods:


Waxing, as most people know, involves applying hot wax to your skin and using a cloth to rip off the wax and hair. The process is quicker than most methods and is less painful since you feel the pain in one shot. That said, waxing isn’t perfect since applying wax is a quick step (or else the wax will get cold) and as such, you can sometime end up with imperfect eyebrows.


Tweezing involves using just a tweezer and unlike waxing, takes a longer time. But the extra time means that you can get a more precise set of brows since each hair is individually plucked out. The only caveat: Many people end up with ingrown hairs when they tweeze their eyebrows.


Threading is a South Asian and Middle Eastern method of hair removal that involves using a cotton thread and plucking each hair out. Since each hair is pulled out individually, you can expect a more precise and customized eyebrow shape in the hands of someone experienced. The downside, however, is that sometimes the threads can nick your skin leaving a cut mark.

Basic tips

No matter what method of hair removal you use, there are some basic tips to know to make your experience easier. For instance, you can numb your brows by rubbing ice or a bag of frozen peas on your forehead. Just make sure your eyebrows are dry. The cold sensation will serve as a quick (and temporary) numbing agent. While you’re getting your brows done, know that the start of the brow (the side closest to the center of your face) should align with the upper bridge of your nose.

Additionally, applying tea-tree oil immediately after getting your eyebrows done can prevent ingrown hairs and prevent dirt from accumulating in your pores. If you have sparse hair, then invest in a brow filler that is lighter than your natural hair color and fill in the gaps with small, uneven, and light strokes.

If your brows are unruly and need to be set in place, then use a clear mascara to line them up. You can also set your brows in place by spraying hairspray on a small comb and combing your brows in line. The hairspray will set your brows in place.