Headboard ideas

A headboard is the star of a room, and can either make or break a design.

It’s time to update that boring bedroom. A headboard is the star of a room, and can either make or break a design. Whether going for sophisticated, fun, or a mix of both, coming up with great headboard ideas is crucial.

A bed without a headboard gives the feel of a college dorm, not the relaxing retreat that every bedroom should be. These headboards ideas can either be purchased, pieced together or handmade, so pick your favorite and let it inspire you to create the room of your dreams.


Romantic headboards should be plush, elegant and beautiful. This style is best expressed with regal fabrics such as velvet and satin . Create a headboard with romantic flair by using a board, plush filler and a nice fabric. Make the headboard slightly oversize and add embellishments. The tufted look adds a bit of sophistication to the look. Drape organza, or another sheer fabric above the headboard for a wispy touch. Candle sconces can be placed on both sides of the headboard.


Think about headboard ideas that can give function to a small space . Create an entire wall of shelves that does double duty as a headboard. Purchase floating and box shelves, and arrange them above, and to the side of the bed. Ensure that the shelves are properly secured to the wall. Add a book light and shelf on both sides of the bed, which will also create a side-table area. Use the shelves for decorative items, and books can be placed on the lower ones. Secure all items onto the shelf with adhesive.


Create art and use it in place of a traditional headboard. This style is uniquely personal and can be just about anything the mind can imagine. Large wood pieces that extend to the ceiling and are stained in multiple colors, arranged frames, or even decorative room dividers can make artistic headboards. Let your individual personality shine with artistic pieces.

Lots of Fabric

Fabric can soften a room, and create a space that feels separate from the rest of the world. Use your favorite colors and textures to make a stylish canopy. Use curtain rods to create a nontraditional canopy. Place one on the wall and two on the ceiling. Drape fabric through them and secure. This style will be both beautiful and unique. Skip fabrics that have bold prints, as they will overpower the room. Block, neutral colors work best with this look.