Healthy eating trend: How to eat quinoa

Treating your body with respect will help you age gracefully and feel better every day.

Healthy eating is the newest trend in Hollywood and around the country. On top of being the cool thing to do, it is just plain good for you. Treating your body with respect will help you age gracefully and feel better every day.

The newest trend in healthy eating is to use quinoa. Most people think this little seed is a grain, but in reality it is considered a fruit and belongs to a plant similar to spinach. In terms of flavor, it has a nutty taste but can easily hide inside other foods.

The challenge that most people have with quinoa is figuring out how to use it. Here are a few tips that will make it simple to incorporate this nutritional zinger into your diet.

Cooking healthy

Baked goods

Often used as a flavorful addition in gluten-free baked items, quinoa can also be used as a substitute in regular recipes. Replace oatmeal with this seed to add wheat-free nutrition. The animal-free protein alone is a great reason to make it part of your diet. In a muffin or cookie recipe simply cut the flour in half and use the same amount of quinoa.

Side dishes

You can use quinoa to replace rice in almost any dish, with the exception of risotto. Mix the seed with peppers, onions, and Mexican seasonings for the perfect side dish to go along with fajitas. Stuff red peppers with a mixture of your favorite Latin flavors and use it as your base instead of rice. You can also simply saute the seed with garlic, oil, and shallots, and serve warm!

Main dish

Add quinoa to soups and chilis to give them a hearty flavor and extra nutrition. Salad can also be turned into a main dish by adding the healthy seed along with chicken, roasted corn, tortilla strips, black beans, and a vinaigrette. Create a stir-fry by including cooked quinoa with vegetables , watercress, and a delicious teriyaki sauce. It is simple to include in most dinner meals!

By including quinoa in your weekly diet you will be adding lots of nutrition. This little seed packs 4 grams of protein, a good amount of fiber and even some Vitamin B in a small 1/2 cup serving. Use these tips and tricks to add this healthy grain to your favorite baked goods, dinners, and more! Consider buying quinoa that has a “fair trade” label on the package to ensure that farmers in other countries are offered a fair price for their goods.