How to build or find a dance floor

Your guests will no doubt have a fantastic time getting down to the music whether you build or find your very own dance floor.

How to build or find a dance floor
Build or find beautiful home made dance floor.
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Partygoers love to dance. It’s pretty much a given that if you’re hosting a party with more than a handful of people, and the situation allows for it, someone’s going to want to dance. If you’re at a rented facility, the owners have probably already thought about this. But what about at home?

Your choice is to either build one—which isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might think—or “find” one that has been there all along.

Building a dance floor

For outside parties where a lot of people are going to attend, building a solid surface where people can comfortably dance is a great way to add a classy centerpiece to a festive outdoor area, create a central hub that draws guests, and bring together a decorative theme all at the same time.

You could rent one for the occasion, but that may run you hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of use. If you may use it again, are interested in renting it out to other local families when they need it, dancing is your exercise of choice, or your family just loves to spend time together enjoying good music , you’re going to want to consider building your own.

Here is an in-depth tutorial on creating your own dance floor.

Basically, it involves creating a frame out of 2″ x 3″ boards that will support a 4′ x 8′ plywood panel. You can make as many panels as you need for the size floor you want  Paint them with tough floor paint to match or accentuate your decor, then put them together in the yard where you want your party to get started!

This option isn’t for everyone, of course. But for a few hundred dollars in supplies, it provides a gorgeous and functional surface that will give you years of use.

Finding a dance floor

For many parties, however, especially those held indoors, building a dance floor isn’t practical or smart. But that doesn’t mean you should leave it out of the equation. Good music is always going to make people want to dance, and you can still give them a place to do that with the proper planning.

Take a look at the layout of the location where your party is being held. If it’s in your home, choose a room or portion of a room (if it is big enough) that you want to give to the dancers. Plan your other arrangements around that.

First, de-clutter the area, and remove any furniture from the middle of the floor. Large pieces against walls should be alright, as long as the space is sufficient.

The floor should preferably be hardwood or some other solid surface that people can slide their shoes on, but a low-pile carpet can do in a pinch. Get the sound system set up to be comfortably loud in that room, but not so overpowering that no one wants to be in there. Remove food and drinks from the room, or at least from the area immediately surrounding where people will be dancing, so there aren’t any accidental messes.

Finally, set up some colorful lighting, strobe effects, or even a disco ball to complete the dance club feel.

Your guests will no doubt have a fantastic time getting down to the music whether you build or find your very own dance floor.