How to deal with bullying at work

You might need to speak to a counselor to help you to deal with the stress of bullying at work.

Bullying includes such as actions as belittling, making you feel incompetent , treating you with disrespect, and name calling. However, there are steps you can take to deal with bullying at work by filing a written complaint and getting counseling.

Understand bullying behaviors

Bullying is a type of psychological intimidation against you at work, and it is important that you are able to identify these behaviors. These include spreading gossip and rumors , and deliberately excluding you from normal work activities. What is also important is that you understand that the intent is to control you. However, try not to overreact, for if you do, you could empower the bully to manipulate you.

Deal with your emotions

It is important that you identify and acknowledge the feelings that you are experiencing in the bullying situation. As you acknowledge your feelings and deal with them, you are more likely to stay calm , yet be assertive when faced with these bullying behaviors. Take steps to build your self confidence , as bullies tend to prey on people who lack confidence in themselves.

Perform well at your job

Be careful to perform well at your assigned tasks on your job . This could become more difficult as you face the stress of bullying at work. However, don’t allow the bully to feel that his or her behaviors are justified because of your poor performance . Strive to be professional in all your actions, and don’t descend to the bully’s level.

Recognize you can’t change the bully

Bullies won’t accept that they are the problem, so don’t waste your time trying to convince them. Instead use your energies to try to manage the problem to relieve your own feelings of stress . Continue to stand your ground, but be respectful in your actions and what you say.

Take steps to deal with the problem

Be sure to document what is happening and keep it in a safe place. Include the times, regularity, and the people who witnessed what happened to you. If the bullying behaviors escalate , you will need to seek help to manage the problem by filing a complaint. One important step is to take the issue to the Human Resource department of your organization. Give the details of your experiences, how they are impacting you, and other relevant information.

Build a support network

Try not to allow the bullying behaviors of one or a few coworkers impede your relationship with your other colleagues. If this happens the bully would have scored a major victory. Make an effort to build your relationship with your colleagues , and get their support. Also stay connected with your family and friends.

Take care of yourself

In face of the difficulty you are experiencing on the job, you might feel like giving up and not pay enough attention to yourself. Be sure to take steps to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle , which includes proper diet and adequate rest and relaxation .

Take time out to pursue activities and interests that are not job related. You also might need to speak to a counselor to help you to deal with the stress of bullying at work, and get a sense of stability in your life.