How to decorate for Cinco de Mayo

With a little imagination, these ideas will help turn your Cinco de Mayo get-together into the talk of the town.

The celebration of Mexican heritage and culture is important for the proud community that lives in the United States. On May 5 the entire country celebrates Mexico during Cinco de Mayo, and the best way to show pride is with a festive party. With a little imagination, these ideas will help turn your Cinco de Mayo get-together into the talk of the town.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Start with the traditional Cinco de Mayo colors of green, red and white for your tablecloths, napkins, and dinnerware. A few Mexican flags are a good way to show pride as well. Maracas and sombreros can be displayed on walls and used as centerpieces. For small dinner parties , use miniature maracas with guests’ names written on them for each place setting. Placemats made from Mexican tapestries also add a nice touch.

Less Traditional

Party decorations should always surprise guests. Throw a few unexpected twists in the mix to keep things interesting. For Cinco de Mayo the best way to do this is by adding extra color. Hot pink and yellow are perfect additions. Create large paper flowers in these colors and add a few red and green also. Bunch the flowers together and tie with string, then hang or display the bouquets all around the party area.

Pinatas are fun decorations that add a unique flair to any space. Choose a large pinata in the shape of a star, sombrero or other fun shape, and display it in a prominent place. When throwing an adult-only party, fill the pinata with treats such as small plastic tequila bottles , coasters, festive necklaces, and more. If children will be in attendance, a pinata is the perfect mid-party event. Fill it with delicious candy and small treats. Be sure to plan a time for your guests to try to break the pinata.

The key to a successful Cinco de Mayo party is more than simply putting up great decorations . Make the setting personal by sharing your family history, especially if you are of Mexican heritage. Old family photos and heirlooms should be displayed in a place where they will not be ruined but are still seen by guests.

Play traditional mariachi music or your favorite Latin tunes throughout the party. Serve guests yummy mixed drinks along with beer and wine; margaritas are the perfect choice. Traditional Mexican food such as fajitas and tacos are perfect for large parties while taquitos and other finger foods will satisfy smaller groups. Choose foods that are favorites in your family and share your recipes with your guests!