How to enhance your child’s education by encouraging reading

Reading is not only a key factor in a child’s language development, but also in their overall success in education. Between the long hours of work and household chores parents have to deal with on a daily basis, they might not be able to put aside some time for helping their kids and encouraging reading time at home. There are simple things you can do to implement fun reading activities. The enjoyment your children will get from a fun environment and a creative way of teaching will always make the effort worthwhile.

Making reading a fun activity

  • There are many ways to read. Libraries nowadays carry not only cd’s, tapes, videos, but also the usual old-fashioned hard-cover book! Mixing these three mediums makes the activity that much more fun for kids. It should be an enjoyable time as well as a learning opportunity. Reading together with your child is a good way to encourage them to do it themselves. They like your company and your motivation so they are more willing to do it. You may also look outside of the box. Let your child pick out the books he wants to read, whether it’s a comic book, a magazine about Spider Man, or a video game that provides reading practice. Read something that interests him, they all do the job!
  • Create a fun environment by illustrating the stories you’re reading. You can all choose a character role and start acting it out; by the end you may even turn out to be a great actress along with your child! Many parents create a bingo game in which they use pieces from nonfiction or mystery books instead of numbers. This will help broaden your child’s knowledge of genres.
  • It’s important to praise your child’s achievements so that he is more willing to read when he doesn’t want to. This will keep them motivated and feeling proud of themselves. Try giving small rewards for reading and understanding a book, or put gold stars on a chart of all the books they’ve read. Remember that education is something you have to work on consistently to improve, whether it’s in language development , mathematics, or science. You need practice and commitment!
  • Asking questions about the books you’re both reading is essential to ensure that they understand the subject matter. This also provides a conversation topic for the two of you and a chance for language and critical skills development. You may also want to talk about the books you have read and what you did in school when you were their age.

Education can be a boring experience, especially for kids because they like to be playing all the time. Providing a fun environment and allowing for self-choice is important to encourage your kids to read. Reading has many proven benefits; it will enhance their knowledge and help them succeed in their future education. While you should make it fun, be aware that setting a time for reading is essential; they should see reading as a daily habit! Follow these simple key points and you might raise a genius for a kid!