How to get the most out of your swimming pool

Swimming pools are a complete waste of time and money if you don't use them, so don't let this happen to you.

Believe it or not, hundreds (if not thousands) of swimming pools get filled in every year from lack of use due to disinterest or maintenance issues. Whether you’ve already got a pool or you’re getting ready to install one, creating an inviting environment around it with your landscaping and decorative accents can go a long way toward getting the most out of it. It could be the focal point of family fun, a source for fitness activities, or a place for unwinding. Whatever its main purpose, support its intended use with personalized features that will entice you back into it again and again.

Family fun

Family is everything, and having a space to gather in is important. If family fun is what it’s all about, make the pool kid friendly by designing safe play areas and seating sections where the grownups can relax and enjoy themselves while keeping an eye on the little ones. Consider putting up retractable awnings or screened rooms to get out of the direct sun. Install weatherproof storage boxes for holding pool toys, such as volleyball nets, floaties, Styrofoam noodles, and beach balls.

Another fun feature that will ensure hours of entertainment is a water slide, as opposed to a diving board that kids might otherwise hurt themselves on. And for anyone with a large brood or that does a lot of entertaining, installing an outdoor shower for rinsing off in before and after swims is a must. This keeps a lot of the traffic down from sloshing in and out of your house.


If your swimming pool was designed and installed with fitness in mind, make the most of it with kickboards or paddle boards and other aquatic exercise devices, as well as an adequate storage area. Look into installing an outdoor flat-screen television for watching videos that you can follow along with for your favorite workout routines. Keep an egg timer close at hand for timing yourself. It’s important to create an atmosphere that is conducive to getting the job done and enjoying it so that you’re inclined to keep at it. You’ll most likely want to install a lap pool if exercise is its main purpose.

Make your own spa

When relaxing and unwinding is your goal, having a Zen-like place to immerse yourself in is the way to go. Find comfortable patio furniture and string twinkle lights. Plant sectional flower gardens with wandering pathways throughout the yard. Set up Tiki torches around your swimming pool and hang wind chimes from tree branches.

Bird feeders and bird baths along with plants that attract humming birds and butterflies will also contribute to this relaxed setting. Grottoes and water features such as meditation ponds and tranquil waterfalls are easily installed these days at affordable prices, and the options are virtually limitless. All of these things lend themselves to a feeling of serenity that will have you spending all your free time outdoors.

The end result

All in all, by transforming your yard into an environment that matches the purpose of your swimming pool, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most use out of it and it won’t be just one more thing to clean. Swimming pools are a complete waste of time and money if you don’t use them, so don’t let this happen to you. Your hard-earned investment can supply years of enjoyment if you put a little time, thought, and effort into it.