Instantly brighten your home with these simple ideas

Simple solutions such as brighter lights, lively throw pillows, and bringing outdoor elements inside are only a few ways to brighten your home.

If you find yourself in need of a brighter environment, there are many ways to add cheer and color to your home. Simple solutions such as brighter lights, lively throw pillows, and bringing outdoor elements inside are only a few ways to brighten your home.

Better lighting

Adding brighter bulbs is one way to liven up a darkened room. If you have a room that lacks natural light , consider exchanging your current yellow incandescent bulbs for brighter energy-saving bulbs. Not only do these bulbs produce more light and less heat, they also give off a natural white light, making a significant difference in any room.

Natural elements

There’s hardly a room that cannot benefit from a large bouquet of flowers ; however, this does not necessarily mean you need to run to your local flower shop. The next time you’re out walking, bring back a handful of natural weeds, flowers, or other greenery you enjoy. Bringing the outdoors in is an effective and natural way to brighten your home.


If your goal is to breathe new life into your home without a lot of effort, accessories are the answer. Adding inexpensive items like colored candles, glass lamps, bright tablecloths, distinctive prints, and chic throw pillows will provide an instant transformation. Even simple changes such as new lamp shades will make a difference. Let your Latin heritage shine when you pick bold colors like brilliant blues, terracotta, lively yellows, and down-to-earth greens.

For a larger impact, toss a uniquely designed rug on the floor. A large, striped area rug will surely add that wow-factor you seek. Carry some colors from your new rug into other rooms by painting one feature wall in an outstanding color scheme. Around the house, replace dark throw blankets and bath towels with bright colors such as fuchsia, yellow, orange, and even white.

Rearrange and reintroduce

You don’t always have to run out and spend money on accessories to brighten your home. Often a simple rearranging of your existing furniture can do the trick. If your room has seen the same setting for a long time, try rearranging the pieces to create a new look.

Borrowing pieces from other rooms can also help. Using an old dresser as a new side table or covering a gently used chair with a new patterned fabric are a good way to reuse pieces. While you’re rearranging, take time to properly clean and de-clutter. Polish furniture surfaces, wash windows, and remove access pieces or accessories that do not serve a purpose. Doing this will open up your rooms and definitely brighten your home.

Mix colors and textures

Adding soft fabrics to freshly cleaned windows will remove the winter blues and staleness left from a season of hibernation. Mix and match cotton window treatments with matching satin pillows or a throw blanket for an instant lift.

Adding greenery in the way of plants will also breathe new life into your rooms. Instead of the more traditional green choices, try adding a few flowering plants. For year round enjoyment, try a Christmas Cactus that blooms during the winter months or shrubs such as lemon trees that thrive well in pots to offer that year-round brightness to your home.