Italian fashion

Italy is known for many things: delicious pastas, fast cars and beautiful landscapes. Nevertheless this historical land is also revered for its people’s sense of style. Italian fashion is world-renowned, and is usually considered an edgy mix of classic style and forward-thinking fashion. The clothing is always well made with quality materials, and its designers are well-known for the use of rich textiles such as leather and lace. Cavalli, Gucci, Prada and Versace are only a few of the famous, influential Italian designers that have forever changed the fashion world. They have all brought a sophisticated, almost highbrow look to mainstream American style. Pea-coats and stilettos, examples from opposite sides of the clothing spectrum, are both examples of how classic Italian fashion has become a staple in America.

To dress like an Italian means to take your best assets and show them off. Have a large bust? Wear a classy black dress with a plunging neckline. Pair that dress with eccentric jewels and high heels and you could easily be walking the pebble streets of an Italian village. Your personal style should be a mix of modest, clean lines with a bold twist. Jeans, as simple as they can be, are spruced up with stiletto heels and an Italian leather bag. These extras are exactly what make Italian fashion so popular.

Some element of modesty is important when considering a look inspired by the great Italian designers. A dress that is above the knees will likely have a high neckline and use bold colors and loose fabrics to detract from its hemline. Blazers and A-line skirts are popular for the workplace, pairing them with a bright blouse will complete the outfit.

Accessorizing can make or break an outfit. Plain, neutral colors are given life with bold jewelry. Italian fashion is especially known for using beautiful silk scarves to brighten up an outfit. Scarves are made with classic prints and are often seen on runways. The most recognizable Italian accessory is a great leather bag. Large, fashion-forward bags can be made in any color and are embellished with tassels and chain handles. Imelda Marcos, known for her great collection of shoes, should have been born in Italy. A love of shoes is shared by the women of Italy and high heels are a favorite. Comfort is not taken into consideration when purchasing a great looking shoe, it is all about style.

The key to creating the perfect outfit, inspired by the timeless look of Italian Designers, is to find a balance between classic style and individuality. Use plenty of great accessories, invest in a good Italian bag and step out with confidence.