Make a kitchen nook for more space and charm in your home

A kitchen nook gives your family a place to share a meal, do homework or sit and enjoy conversation with friends. Carving out the space doesn’t mean you have to take down walls, remove cabinets or spend a lot of money, though you can if you want to. Create a nook with the space you already have, and you’ll discover a new and exciting kitchen that serves more purpose than your current one. Plan out your nook before you get started so you know exactly what you’re going to do. Sketch your ideas, chose fabrics and paint, and select your furniture so you can be sure everything coordinates and fits in the space you plan to use.

Creating a Spot

If you have a window on one wall of your kitchen, use the surrounding space to make a cozy kitchen nook. Push a bench up against the window with a table and chairs next to it. This gives you more seating and moves the furniture back for more room. Use a bench with storage underneath the seats so you can store cookbooks, pet food, dishes you don’t use often and any other items that you need in the kitchen, but don’t want cluttering up the table and counters. Hang a cheery set of curtains to define the space.

If you have a bookshelf or hutch in one corner of your kitchen, relocating that piece of furniture gives you the room to create a kitchen nook that will transform your kitchen. Put a small table and chairs in the corner and hang some artwork on the walls above the table. Define the space with cushions on the chairs, a tablecloth or runner, and a centerpiece that’s easy to remove when it’s time to eat. Repaint the walls or add a border to coordinate with your decor.


If you want a complete overhaul in your kitchen and have the skills to do so, it’s easy to create the exact nook you want. Install a bench under the window to save space and set a table in front of it. Or, remove some extra bottom cupboards and use the new space for a small table and chairs. Add a hanging light fixture to define the space.

If you have a patio that backs up to your kitchen, you can knock out walls, provided they aren’t load-bearing, and extend your kitchen outward. Consider hiring a contractor to help you preserve the quality of your home as you take down and put up new walls. The extra space created by enclosing your patio gives you a large nook for a bigger table and chairs. This is great if you have a large family or do a lot of entertaining. Paint the walls and add wall decor to make the space a homey place to sit and enjoy a meal or a visit with friends or family.

Decorating Tips

You can do much more to decorate your kitchen nook than just painting it and hanging up pictures. Put cloth covers over your chairs to create the illusion of new furniture and to keep your chairs clean. Add a rug underneath the table to make the space feel like its own little room. Hang baskets or framed calendar prints instead of just photographs. Keep the table set with nice dishes or put a fresh vase of flowers on the table every few days. A bowl or basket of fruit also makes a great centerpiece.