Online shopping tips: How to get the right size and color every time

Before clicking the "Buy Now" button, know exactly what you're putting in your online shopping cart.

Online shopping tips: How to get the right size and color every time
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Online retailers love to host sale after sale. But, if those lime green pumps you paid half price for look a little more like rotten fruit than a margarita, the cost savings aren’t so spectacular. Before clicking the “Buy Now” button, know exactly what you’re putting in your online shopping cart.

Color correction

When you’re buying a little black dress or some strappy white sandals, you know what you’re going to get. But, when you’re looking through a rainbow of colorful options for your next pair of dyed denim jeans, how do you know the color will be as pretty as the picture on your computer screen?

Get tech savvy! Go into your computer’s Control Panel option and choose the Monitor setting. Calibrate your monitor’s color settings by answering a few questions and adjusting the dials on the monitor. This only takes a few minutes and no special software or equipment are needed. This makes your monitor reproduce more closely the colors displayed on the retailer’s online store.

If you’re making an important purchase, like your daughter’s Quinceañera gown, email the online retailer and ask for a few fabric swatches. Once the samples arrive in the mail, you can make an informed decision while online shopping. As a bonus, use the swatches to match party decor, shoes , and jewelry while you wait for the dress to be made and shipped.

Sizing it up

If you tend to order clothing online and it never fits quite right, it’s time to do a little homework. Each clothing manufacturer has its own interpretation of woman’s clothing sizes. For example, a size 12 in one brand will not fit the same as a size 12 in another.

To make sure you’re purchasing the right size, look for an online sizing chart. Most clothing retailers hide these helpful tools on a separate tab called “Sizing Chart” or “Clothing Information”. These pages also include laundering tips, and if the garments tend to run a little large or small. To make use of this information, keep a cloth tape measure handy and know your measurements. Compare them to the online shopping clothing charts, and you’ll quickly know which size to order.

Read the customer reviews, in addition to commenting on the quality of the clothing and the purchasing process, women love to let others know when something fits like a glove or droops like a trash bag. Look for comments about the fit of the clothing, and how happy other shoppers have been with the products before adding them to your online shopping cart .